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Welcome to Best Choice - Video Introduction

The Market Timer App

Market Timer is game changing software that could change your life forever.

Best Choice Software has weathered the test of time and been proven effective for over 15 years. It works in bull and bear markets and increases the probabilities of successful decision making in the selection and timing for trading stocks, options, commodities and mutual funds. Our software is professional grade trading software and market data that is designed for active traders of all levels of experience.

What is Seasonality

Did you know that the stock market tends to fluctuate in regular cycles throughout the year? Such cycles are called seasonality. Individual stocks also have their own seasonality pattern. For example, retail sales tend to be highest toward the end of the year. How would you like the knowledge to know the cycle pattern of specific stocks so you can get in when the stock price is low and sell when the stock price is high? This is seasonality at its most advantageous. Our tool provides this level of detail for you and gives you an assessment score to better gauge your overall risk in trading the stock.

People Behind Best Choice

These are the experts who bring their world class knowledge to support your trading goals. Not only are they Best Choice Software leaders, but they are all active traders as well.

Scott MacBeth

Scott MacBeth

Senior Options Analyst

Scott Macbeth is a 30+ year professional in financial services. He graduated with honors from the University of Miami with a BA in Economics and went on to become the Options and Commodity Coordinator for Merrill Lynch for 12 years. Scott joined Merrill's floor brokers on the floor of the NYSE and the CBOE in Chicago where he learned the techniques of "Selling Premium" for income. He now teaches options trading to multitudes of people over the years who have gone on to be successful traders due to his invaluable tutelage.

Jerry McFarland

Jerry McFarland


While working as a Registered Representative Jerry McFarland purchased the Trial version of the software for $895 at a Dallas, Texas financial trade show in early 2009. He was able to buy the full lifetime license of $4,995 with just a few trades he placed using the software during that Trial period of three months. After trading with the software for seven years he bought the company and started the next chapter in the evolution of Market Timer Software.

Kim Helton

Kim Helton

Customer Service Concierge

Kim is at your service as your personal concierge on your journey to smarter financial investing. She is who you talk to when you register for subscriptions, updating credit card information, password resets, answers all correspondence and also performs a wide range of administrative and office support activities for the company. Reach out to Kim to get started on your journey today.

  • While we were talking, you had me look at the 6 month chart of a few stocks (ICE and CME were two of them). They both had nice large cyclical swings... Well, I used that and tried a trade on ICE. On 2/1/07 I purchased 20 contracts of the MAR 155 Calls at $2.70 (for a total cost of $5,400). Well, today is 2/8/07, only a week later, and I am cashing this trade out at $9.20 (the stock is trading at $154.80). That is a 240+% gain on the options in 7 days (14,645% annualized) on a 15% move in the stock.

    Author image
    • B. Newman
    • not actually pictured
  • Friday, I finally paid for the full subscription from my "winnings" using your Best Choice Software. So through some of the worst trading times (late summer) I managed to reap an over-121% (annualized) return on my little $40k portfolio. It would have been about 377% if I had really trusted your software for the full-recommended lt trades on three of the holdings (GDP, NVDA, RIMM)! And so far, not a single losing position!

    Author image
    • C. Spengler
    • not actually pictured
  • Thought I'd give you and update on my latest trade. I bought a 60 August Put on APOL 7/27 and sold it today for a 380% profit. Not a bad profit for 9 days of work. I found this using the search wizard and cycles charts in BestChoice. Thanks,

    Author image
    • D.
    • not actually pictured
  • Your program has helped me recently in picking out a longer term position with apple. For an investment on $1200 I made a return of $6600/$5400 profit. I primarily used the option predictor in purchasing a leap. This section of your program made it possible to estimate target value. I also used the cyclical as confirmation of when I might expect the greatest return. The program is great! Thanks,

    Author image
    • E. Boynton
    • not actually pictured
  • You have a great product and am still exploring the other features and the operation of the software. In fact I already made more than a 100% on FFIV, my first trade using your software for a couple of days. Wow...

    Author image
    • M.
    • not actually pictured
  • Having spent 32 years in the application software business, I can honestly say Best Choice Software is the best software package I have ever utilized. In the first 3 weeks my trading account has advanced from a balance of $98,500 to $155,400 based on just 6 option trades I made after reviewing the seasonality charts in Best Choice Software... The time consuming manual based research patterns I have developed over the past three years are all 100% automated with Best Choice Software... It is EXACTLY what I needed. BCS allows me to trade with greater confidence.

    Author image
    • R. Holloman
    • not actually pictured
  • I recently purchased a 3 month trial of your software... As of now, half of the Long trades have completed (their exit date is not greater that 4/30/08). The results were fantastic! There were 38 winning trades, only 8 losing trades, around 83% winners!!! But, to me, even more impressive was this stat: average win percent = 103% and the average loss was only 33%. Included in these results were trades where the profit was 273%, 362%, 367% and 438%. You truly have an amazingly successful product.

    Author image
    • D. Weinberg
    • not actually pictured
  • Using Best Choice is way better than robbing banks to make good money! I have made a lot of money over the years in the stock market - over time, lots of time, but never in one week... After owning Best Choice since the summer...I finally got in gear and placed a trade last week. I made $3500 in five days on 10 contracts. UNBELIEVABLE, BUT TRUE. While I have never robbed a bank, this has got to be way better than robbing a bank, as a way to make money or to earn a living. It is fun - and it is legal! You truly have an amazingly successful product.

    Author image
    • P. Gordon
    • not actually pictured
  • Hi Gary, (and Jimmy and Greg) I just sold 10 ea GOOG April 380 calls for $11.00 each. I paid $2.40 each. $8600 profit this A.M. in 17 days. That, with my ADBE success of last month means I have made over $11,000 in the last 3 weeks! YEA! I have paid for my BC software, several times over! LUV YA!

    Author image
    • Bill
    • not actually pictured
  • I really wanted the cycle history data and the easy way to use options was a real plus. The more I became familiar with the software, the more impressed I became... I finally made my first real trade this week. You and Pete have got a GREAT piece of Software and a great team. I paid for my software in the first live trade. I am really excited to see that you have a new Webinar on the 21st; which I have all ready signed up for and am very anxious to hear about. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Take Care!

    Author image
    • J. Siegfried
    • not actually pictured
  • There is a great learning community here with the Best Choice group (staff and customers) and if you are serious about getting into trading - I can personally attest that the Best Choice software will increase your learning, give you that first stepping block to trading - and if you are seasoned - it will be a very valuable asset to your trading arsenal.

    Author image
    • Dave R.
    • not actually pictured

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